Hey, guys. Well, long time I don't create a blog. Well, let's go into it. Should Ginga's Special Moves (like Ginga Thunderbolt, Ginga Slash, Ginga Fireball, etc.) must be similarize with SUR (Shin Ultraman Retsuden) Episode 18? Since, Taro told Hikaru that Ginga' Special Moves is similar with some previous Ultras' techniques. Here the similarities of Ginga's Special Moves with the previous Ultras' techniques:

  • Ginga Thunderbolt = Dyna Miracle Type's Miracle Thunder Charge
  • Ginga Fireball = Taro's Ultra Dynamite
  • Ginga Saber = Mebius Brave's Mebium Knight Blade
  • Ginga Slash = Nexus Junis' Core Impulse & Gaia Supreme Version's Photon Stream
  • Ginga Cross Shoot = Sadly, Taro didn't similarize it :P
  • Ginga Comfort = Cosmos Luna Mode's Luna Extract

What making me confuse is why Taro similarize Ginga Slash with Core Impulse and Photon Stream. Shouldn't Ginga Slash is more similar to Gaia and Agul's Photon Edge and Photon Crusher, respectively.

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