Bandai China had made articulated Ultraman figures titled "英雄正义之音传说 (Probably "translated" as The Legendary Heroes of Sound & Light series)“, and the height of each figure is the same as Ultra Hero Series.
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Instructions of how the figure works. (if you can read Chinese)

Figures made so far

  1. Ultraman Zero
  2. Ultraman Mebius
  3. Ultraman Dyna (Flash Type)
  4. Ultraman Max
  5. Mirror Knight
  6. GlenFire
  7. Darclops Zero
  8. Ultraman Xenon
  9. Ultraman 80
  10. Astra
  11. Ultraman Leo
  12. Ultraman King
  13. Ultraman Powered
  14. Ultraman Dyna (Strong)
  15. Ultraman Mebius (Burning Brave)
  16. Ultraman Tiga (Multi Type)
  17. Ultraman Gaia (V2)
  18. Ultraman Agul (V2)
  19. Ultraman Cosmos (Corona Mode)
  20. Ultraman Tiga (Sky Type)
  21. Ultraman Dyna (Miracle Type)
  22. Ultraman Gaia (Supreme)
  23. Ultraman Neos
  24. Ultraman Zero (StrongCorona)
  25. Ultraman Zero (LunaMiracle)
  26. Ultraman Cosmos (Luna Mode)
  27. Ultraman Cosmos (Eclipse Mode)
  28. Evil Tiga
  29. Ultraman Justice (Standard)
  30. Ultraman Mebius (Phoenix Brave)
  31. Ultraman Legend
  32. Ultra Seven 21
  33. Ultraman Nexus (Junis Blue)
  34. Ultraman Nexus (Junis)
  35. Ultraman Hikari
  36. Ultraman Mebius (Infinity)
  37. Ultraman Cosmos (Future Mode)
  38. Zero Darkness
  39. Shining Zero
  40. Ultraman (With Cape)
  41. Zoffy (With Cape)
  42. Ultraseven MMG:UGL ver. (With Cape)
  43. Ultraman Jack (With Cape)
  44. Ultraman Ace (With Cape)
  45. Ultraman Taro (With Cape)
  46. Father of Ultra (With Cape)

Where to buy

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