This is a lesson of Japanese words of ultramans. This blog can make you easier in reading ultramans names in japanese kanji.

  1. Ultraman: Urutoraman
  2. Zoffy: Zofi
  3. Ultraseven: Urutoraseben
  4. Return of Ultraman / Ultraman Jack: Kaeetekita Urutoraman / Urutoraman Jakku
  5. Ultraman Ace: Urutoraman Esu / Urutoraman A
  6. Ultraman Taro: Urutoraman Tarou
  7. Ultraman Leo: Urutoraman Reo
  8. Astra: Asutora
  9. Ultraman Jonias: Urutoraman Jyoniasu
  10. Ultraman 80: Urutoraman Eiti
  11. Yulian: Yurian
  12. Ultrawoman Beth: Urutorawoman Betto
  13. Ultraman Elek: Urutoraman Ereku
  14. Ultraman Scott: Urutoraman Sukotto
  15. Ultraman Chuck: Urutoraman Shakku
  16. Ultraman Great: Urutoraman Gureto
  17. Ultraman Powered: Urutoraman Pawaredo
  18. Ultraman Neos: Urutoraman Neozu
  19. Ultraseven 21: Urutoraseben tsu wan
  20. Ultraman Zearth: Urutoraman Zeazu
  21. Ultraman Ken / Ultra Father: Ken / Urutora no Chi chi
  22. Ultrawoman Mary / Ultra Mother: Mari / Urutora no Ha ha
  23. Ultraman King: Urutoraman KIngu
  24. Ultraman Tiga: Urutoraman Tiga
  • Multi type: Maruti taypu
  • Sky type: Sukai taypu
  • Power type: Pawaa taypu
  • Dark type: Dakku taypu
  • Tornado type: Torunedo taypu
  • Blast type: Burasto taypu

25. Ultraman Dyna : Urutoraman Daina

  • Flash type: Furraashu taypu
  • Miracle type: Mirakaru taypu
  • Strong type: Zutorong taypu

26. Ultraman Gaia: Urutoraman Gaia

  • V2: Vi tsu
  • Supreme version: Zapurimu variision

27. Ultraman Cosmos: Urutoraman Kosumozu

  • Luna mode: Runa modo
  • Space corona mode: Supeshu korona modo
  • Corona mode: Korona modo
  • Eclipse mode: Ekuripasu modo
  • Future mode: Mirai modo

28. Ultraman Agul: Urutoraman Aguuru

  • V2: Vi tsu

29. Ultraman Justice: Urutoraman Jayastishu

  • Standard mode: Sutandarudo modo
  • Crusher mode: Kurasha modo

30. Ultraman Nexus: Urutoraman Neksasu

  • Anphans: Anphuansu
  • Junis Red: Janisu reddo
  • Junis Blue: Janisu bru

31. Ultraman Noa: Urutoraman Noa

32. Ultraman The Next: Urutoraman Za Neksuto

33. Ultraman Max: Urutoraman Makussu

34. Ultraman Xenon: Urutoraman Shennon

35. Ultraman Mebius: Urutoraman Mebiuzu

  • Brave: Burappu
  • Burning brave: Baruningu burappu
  • Phoenix brave: Phinikuzu burappu
  • Infinity: Inpiniti

36. Ultraman Hikari: Urutoraman Hikari

37. Hunter Knight Tsurugi: Hanta Naito Tsurugi

38. Ultraseven X: Urutoraseben Ekusu

39. Ultraman Zero: Urutoraman Zero

  • Tector gear zero: Tekta gearu zero

40. Ultraman Belial: Urutoraman Beriaru

41. Mirror knight: Mira naito

42. Glenfire: Gurenfaia

43. Ultraman Saga: Urutoraman Saga

That's all i know. If you wants more you can send a message on my talk or leave a comment. Thank you :)

i hope it's helps you

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