So, as many of you know, I am a HUGE fan of Ace Attorney, and so are a few of you guys on this wikia, so, I figured, why not make a list of the puns from the franchise? It could give everyone here a good chuckle. So let's get started. Starting with.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney (The Original)

Cindy Stone(Victim of The First Turnabout): Cinder Stone

Larry Butz(Defendant in The First Turnabout and Reccuring Character): Butts.

Winston Payne(Prosecutor of the first case in the first four games.): Winced in Pain.

Dick Gumshoe(A detective in the first four games and in the Investigations games): Detective Detective(Dick and Gumshoe are two alternative names for a detective.)

April May(A witness in Turnabout Sisters): Do I really need to explain.

Redd White(Real killer in Turnabout Sisters): Red, White and Blue (He owns a company called BLUE Corp.)

Will Powers(Defendant in Turnabout Samurai): Willpower

Jack Hammer(Victim in Turnabout Samurai): Jackhammer.

Wendy Oldbag(Witness in Turnabout Samurai and recurring character): Windy Old Bag

Sal Manella(Witness in Turnabout Samurai and Accomplice): Salmonella.

Cody Hackins(Witness in Turnabout Samurai): Code Hacking

Dee Vasquez(Real Killer in Turnabout Samurai): Divaesque

Penny Nichols(Witness in Turnabout Samurai): Penny and Nickels.

Lotta Hart(Witness in Turnabout Goodbyes): A lot of heart.

Bruce Goodman(Victim in Rise From the Ashes): Good man.

Neil Marshall(Victim in Rise From the Ashes): Kneeling Marshall(He dies in a fashion related to this.)

Damon Gant(Real Killer in Rise From the Ashes): Demon Gent

Mike Meekins(Witness in Rise From the Ashes): Meek

Now, moving onto.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All (Second Game)

Dustin Prince(Victim in The Lost Turnabout): Dusting Prints.

Richard Wellington(Real Killer in The Lost Turnabout): Rich and Well.

Turner Gray(Victim in Reunion and Turnabout): Turning Gray(As in your hair going grey.)

Ini Miney(Real Killer in Reunion and Turnabout): Ini, Mini, Mini, Moe.

Director Hotti(Witness in Reunion and Turnabout): Hotty as in a hot woman, references how many crushes he has.

Trilo Quist(Witness in Turnabout Big Top): Ventriloquist.

Lawrence "Moe" Curls(Witness in Turnabout Big Top): The Three Stooges.

Acro/Bat:(Bat is the real killer in Turnabout Big Top and Acro is his brother): Acrobat.

Matt Engarde(Defendant and Villain of Turnabout Big Top): On Guard.

Celeste Inpax(Matt's fiancée, now deceased): Celestial Impact.

Now time for the wrap up of the original trilogy, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations.

Doug Swallow(Victim of Turnabout Memories): Drug Swallow.

Godot(Prosecutor of Trials and Tribulations and Mia Fey's boyfriend): His real name is DieGO ArmanDO.

Ron DeLite(Defendant of The Stolen Turnabout): Ron Delight.

Luke Atmey(Villain of The Stolen Turnabout): Look At Me.

Desiree DeLite(Witness in The Stolen Turnabout): Desire Delight.

Furio Tigre(Real Killer in Recipe for Turnabout): Furious Tiger.

Terry Fawles(Defendant in Turnabout Begginings): There He Falls, this is referencing how He commits suicide at the end of the case just as Mia Fey is about to win the case.

  • I can't really think of ones for The Bridge to The Turnabout, but since this is my second favorite case in the series, I had to mention this.
Iris: Not a pun but, in Greek Mythology, Iris is a character who acts like a bridge between Gods and mortals.

And that wraps up the original trilogy of the Ace Attorney franchise, now to go from 2019 to 2026 for, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney.


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