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    April 26, 2018 by Ginga no Tameni

    Edit: The poll has ended

    The Ultraman Wikia is a place where people can read about everything Ultraman/Tsuburaya related without having to learn Japanese. It's cool to see all the info about the characters, shows, and etc. However, where did the information come from? There are no citations or sources found in pages anywhere.

    I would like to propose adding sources to all pages. Here is the list of reasons as to why:

    ● It would give people the chance to see the information first-hand if they want to

    ● It can make people trust us more as information gatherers

    ● In my opinion, having sources add credibility to the site and it wouldn't look like the information is made up

    Regardless of what you have chosen, I want to hear your thoughts on this. The …

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    April 13, 2018 by Ginga no Tameni

    4/20/2018 Edit: The poll is over. You don't have to vote now.

    We all love to know little bits about our favorite Ultra or Kaiju. Whether it be something different about the suit or a lil fun fact about a finisher, the info puts a smile on the face. However, some articles have trivia that aren't really about the article itself. Some trivia is about similarities to other things, while others is about (mis)conceptions that the fans have.

    Here is what the trivia should be:

    • It should be about the article itself, whether it's a show, a character, or an item.
    • It should be confirmed by Tsuburaya or it should have multiple sources
    • It musn't be about what the fandom thinks like theories, since that is not trivia about the article
    • It shouldn't have similar…

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    Geed News

    June 1, 2017 by Ginga no Tameni

    Good afternoon. The new Ultra Capsules are revealed. They are: Great, Powered, Tiga and Glitter Tiga. Also, there are fusions for LunaMiracle Zero + Tiga and Arch Belial + Maga-Orochi. What those fusions are are unknown as of this time. Speaking of fusions, I bet a million bucks Great and Powered will have one. 

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    4/26/2018 Edit: Please delete this. This was an assumption that I made more than a year ago.

    I have great news, guys! There's the possibility that the X movie will be shown in the Philippines! X toys & X suit (Hopefully Daichi Ozora) confirmed!


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    (Edit: Just realised that the title is misleading. Gomenasai!)

    Hello, I'm Ginga no Tameni. I search for it so you don't have to. (A medal if you can guess who I'm ripping off of) Today I'm going to review the Ultraman Ginga S movie. In English! *le audience is surprised* I know you'll all be surprised so I'll explain. Tsuburaya decided to release a dub of the movie in the Philippines, the end. Since this will be a spoiler-less review, this blog will be short. The dubbing is bad. You can ask me in the comments below. Because of a campaign surrounding Family Day and this movie, Ultraman Ginga appears! And you can get a free toy if you buy 2 or 4 tickets and if you're one of the first 50 people in line to take a picture with Ginga. 2 tickets l…

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