• Goji73

    I recall reading from one person in this wiki that there is an ability to make this wiki so only registered members can make edits to the wiki ONLY. I believe it's time for this to be the norm of the wiki from now on. Too many un-registered users are abusing the links of the monsters and aliens in the various ultra series' and the "Page in need of Rewriting" category is starting to become serious cluttered with their gibberish. Something needs to be done about what these people are doing to the wiki, otherwise this will never stop...

    Goji73 (talk) 19:55, August 16, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Goji73

    Well it's finally happened, World of Ultra is no more.

    Since no one here is at all creative when creating an article, (except for 2 to 3 users whose names I can't remember at this moment) Since the majority of pages that need to be rewritten are cut-and-pasted from World of Ultra, I'd like to remind everyone that those articles are still need a serious makeover. Just because their source site is dead does mean the pages on here shouldn't look like the giant jumbled mess they came from...

    Goji73 20:50, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Goji73

    I've been on the japanese wiki (as I always am when looking up research) and it shows that all character in cosmos that are created by Chaos are all in one big cluster altogether. This would mean that several articles should be merged together when the time comes. The characters would include:

    1. Chaos Organism
    2. Chaos Header
    3. Chaos Header Iblis
    4. Chaos Header Mebut
    5. Chaos Ultraman
    6. Chaos Ultraman Calamity
    7. Chaos Darkness
    8. Chaos Header 0 (Angel Chaos Darkness)
    9. Neo Chaos Darkness
    10. The Chaosroids

    Here is the article to see what I am talking about:…

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  • Goji73

    Articles in need of formating

    December 11, 2011 by Goji73

    Is it just me or are there A LOT of disorganized articles on this wiki? On articles such as Alien Baltan and Eleking, a lot of the wording on them are just poorly cut-and-pasted stuff from Wikipedia , Monster Archives , and World of Ultra. Since this is most likely the case, to all these people whom are doing this. Does it really hurt that much to try and change some words around? With the amount of articles that have this garbage on them, I'm surprised that this wiki hasn't been tagged for plagiarism.

    I've been going around trying to format these articles to make them more easier to read for people by adding such topic such as "Stats," "Powers/Weapons," "History," and "Trivia." I really implore everyone else who "miraculously" are higher in …

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  • Goji73

    "Alien" or "Seijin"

    October 2, 2011 by Goji73

    Lately, I've been going around and seeing a mix-up in names for the aliens of the series. Some of the articles go by the name of seijin (ex. "Baltan Seijin") and some go by the name of alien (ex. "Alien Guts".) Could someone please figure out what the aliens are supposed to be refered to as so that way we don't have to constantly divide article on the same subject?

    Personally, I think they should all be refered to by the prefix "Alien" (Alien... whatever) since the term "seijin" is more akin to the japanese name and is already in the name already. The real translation should begin with Alien instead of seijin since that's how the translation would make it start off as.

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