I've been on the japanese wiki (as I always am when looking up research) and it shows that all character in cosmos that are created by Chaos are all in one big cluster altogether. This would mean that several articles should be merged together when the time comes. The characters would include:

  1. Chaos Organism
  2. Chaos Header
  3. Chaos Header Iblis
  4. Chaos Header Mebut
  5. Chaos Ultraman
  6. Chaos Ultraman Calamity
  7. Chaos Darkness
  8. Chaos Header 0 (Angel Chaos Darkness)
  9. Neo Chaos Darkness
  10. The Chaosroids

Here is the article to see what I am talking about:

Since it does come from the closest from an official source, I think merging them all together would be somewhat of a helpful thing since several monsters on this wiki have two monsters in one article since they are pre-mutate or pre-evolution forms (ex. - Kupukupu, Chaos Lidorias, Golmede Beta, etc.) Just thought I'd give everyone a heads up before anyone notices a sudden change in some articles.

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