Is it just me or are there A LOT of disorganized articles on this wiki? On articles such as Alien Baltan and Eleking, a lot of the wording on them are just poorly cut-and-pasted stuff from Wikipedia , Monster Archives , and World of Ultra. Since this is most likely the case, to all these people whom are doing this. Does it really hurt that much to try and change some words around? With the amount of articles that have this garbage on them, I'm surprised that this wiki hasn't been tagged for plagiarism.

I've been going around trying to format these articles to make them more easier to read for people by adding such topic such as "Stats," "Powers/Weapons," "History," and "Trivia." I really implore everyone else who "miraculously" are higher in rank than I am to do the same as well. A lot of these articles are hard to read, vague in further detail, and just an eye-sore on some of the more popular monsters...

Goji73 17:54, December 11, 2011 (UTC)

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