Begin with Ultraman Great until Ultraman Zero. Let's DarkLive!
DX Dark Spark open part 2


  1. Ultraman Great:
  2. Ultraman Powered:
  3. Ultraman Neos:
  4. Ultraseven 21:
  5. Ultraman Zearth:
  6. Ultraman Tiga: Tiga Dark
  7. Ultraman Dyna:
  8. Ultraman Gaia:
  9. Ultraman Agul:
  10. Ultraman Nice:
  11. Ultraman Cosmos: Maybe Chaos Ultraman, I guess
  12. Ultraman Justice:
  13. Ultraman The Next/Nexus/Noah:
  14. Ultraman Max:
  15. Ultraman Xenon:
  16. Ultraman Mebius:
  17. Ultraman Hikari: Hunter Knight Tsurugi(revenge version) I guess
  18. Ultraman Zero: Zero Darkness. Really?

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