Shin Ultraman Retsuden Episode 18
Let's see;

Ginga Cross Shot: Tiga Multi's Zeppelion Ray

Ginga Thunderbolt: Ultraman and Ultraman Jack's Ultra Slash

Ginga's acceleration: Dyna Miracle, Cosmos Luna & Max's acceleration.

Ginga Fireball: Taro's Ultra Dynamite

Ginga Saber: Gaia V2, Agul, Nexus Junis Blue, Mebius and Hikari's blade

Ginga Comfort: Cosmos Luna Mode's Luna Shootless

Ginga Slash: Gaia & Agul's Photon Edge

Ginga Sunshine: Justice's Victorium Ray

Ginga Especially: Decade Complete Form, Gokai Red Gold Mode & Gokai Silver Gold Mode (Eh!? Really? Wait a minute. They not an Ultra. They non-Ultra lol)

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