Who here can do that?This characters from past has appear in future.Kind of old age.

The list that characters is:

  1. Shin Hayata(Ultraman)
  2. Dan Moroboshi(Ultraseven)
  3. Hideki Go(Ultraman Jack)
  4. Seiji Hokuto(Ultraman Ace)
  5. Yuuko Minami(Ultraman Ace)
  6. Gen Ohtori(Ultraman Leo)
  7. Takeshi Yamato(Ultraman 80)
  8. Daigo Madoka(Ultraman Tiga)
  9. Shin Asuka(Ultraman Dyna)
  10. Gamu Takayama(Ultraman Gaia)
  11. Musashi Haruno(Ultraman Cosmos)
  12. Mirai Hibino(Ultraman Mebius)

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