I found info on it!!! 


Episode 1 "Quo Vadis" Directed by Ishii Gakuryuu. Introducing...! The hard too make out monster Niruwanie!


Episode 2 "Laundry Day" Directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi. Introducing...! The adorable monster Burezaren!


Episode 3 "The Businessman Who Came from Space" Directed by Yuu Irie. Introducing...! The Valkanus Alien!


Episode 4 "The Hole of Pandora" Directed by Gakuryuu Ishii. Introducing...! The Ragon-isk Maaraa!

Episode 5 "The Town Without Words" Directed by Yuu Nakai.


Episode 6 "The Plausibly Stinking Island" Directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi. Introducing...! The stinky Sedegan!


Episode 7 "Iron Shell" Directed by Yuu Irie. Introducing...! The Gastropod Gastrobot!

Episode 8 "Cross Over to the Planet of Memories" Directed by Gakuryuu Ishii.


Episode 9 "Tokyo Protocol" Directed by Kiyotaka Taguchi. Introducing...! The Large Prana!


Episode 10 "Falmagon and Michiru" Directed by Yuu Nakai. Introducing...! The Foul Falmagon!

Episode 11 "Argos Democracy" Directed by Yuu Irie.

Episode 12 "Hominis Dignitate" Directed by Yuu Nakai.                                         

Some of this looks scary... But some also looks funny! :D

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