Okay, on Kamen Rider Decade, the story consisted of Tsukasa Kadoya traveling through the Rider Worlds, teaming up with the Riders and gaining powers from them.

X seems to be doing something similar, but is taking a different route. While the story is about him fighting against monsters that threaten the people of Earth, he has teamed up with Ultramen who were just passing through, and gained something from them. Zero, while he didn't directly give it to X, allowed the creation of the Ultimate Zero Cyber Card, allowing X to use the Ultimate Aegis. Max gave his Cyber Card to Daichi and X, allowing them to use the Max Galaxy. And while he didn't exactly gain any new powers from teaming up with Ginga and Victory, it was thanks to Shou teaching Daichi how to use a sword that he was able to use the full power of Exceed X.

Now I can't help but wonder what he'll gain from Nexus and Cosmos.

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