Okay, this video of Shine your Orb, the ending theme for Orb's series, has been around for a while. And it has Romaji subtitles.

Time we stopped slacking and got cracking, I say!

MAD Ultraman Orb ED 1 Shine your orb (ซับไทย)04:11

MAD Ultraman Orb ED 1 Shine your orb (ซับไทย)

I'm going to focus on the parts that I know I can understand, and leave the parts I'm not sure about to experts on Japanese.

So, first is the line "Torimodose hikari." I know enough Japanese to know that it means "Take back the light". And "Tomoni tachiagare" means "Stand up for your friends". "Ima dare mo shiranai, mugen no chikara yobi samase" probably means "Right now no one knows of the infinite power that is awakening". And I'm not 100% certain, but I think "Mada minu ashita wo oikakete" means something about running towards tomorrow. "Kimi wo torimodose" means "Reclaim yourself", while "Yume ni tachi agare" means "Stand up for your dreams". "Ima dare mo shiranai, mugen no kanata tsukisusme" probably means "right now, while no one is aware, run to the edges of infinity", but I could use some confirmation on that one. "Kagayaku Oobu wo te nishite" could only mean "With ths shining Orb in your hands", if I'm reading it right. And the ending, "Doko made mo yukerusa, kimitonara yukerusa, tashikana mirai wo korekara mo" probably means, "No matter where you are, no matter who you are, it's true that this is the future."

Mind you, I'm not 100% certain of my translations, but I'm sure I did enough for someone who is more proficient with Japanese to handle the rest.

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