I've gotta point something out. In the episode of Ultraman Mebius where the Gun Booster made its debut, Araiso said that no defense team had ever defeated a monster by themselves.

How much did that episode's writer know about the Ultra Series? Let's review a few examples that, in my opinion, completely disprove that statement:

Zetton: Killed Ultraman, but was taken out by a special missile that the SSSP came up with.

Alien Valky: In spite of being at his gigantic size, Kotaro Higashi, who had just separated from Ultraman Taro, used nothing but his wits, his pistol, and a nearby oil refinery to beat him.

And the ultimate proof that you don't need to be an Ultra to defeat an alien, Black Directive: He was killed, not by a defense team, but by a group of children who had been taught martial arts by Gen Ohtori!

That's three strikes, Mr. Araiso! You're out!

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