• Lamango

    I was thinking, since people keep putting monsters like Bemstar and other monsters from space into Aliens, why not just make a Space Monster Category? 

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  • Lamango

    New Kaiju

    August 5, 2017 by Lamango

    This lil dude appears in Geed. Need a name. 

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  • Lamango

    New Seijin

    July 7, 2017 by Lamango

    At 3:33 a new Seijin is introduced. Can anyone else understand what she's saying?

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  • Lamango


    July 2, 2017 by Lamango

    I can't access my account on due to not having cookies activated. I have the cookies activated, but it still says I can't enter. Anyone else have this problem? 

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  • Lamango

    Would it be wise to do a crossover character category? Gorgosaurus cross overed from Mirrorman, Ultraman and Taro appeared on Aizenborg. City of Shadows has Godzilla, Ghidorah, Gamera, Legion and two Evas appearing with Ultraman and Alien Zarab, then the cast of Battle Soccer and game like Super Tokusatsu Taisen where Ultraman, UltraSeven, and Jack appear with Kamen Riders, Metal Heroes, Go-Rangers, Giant Robo, Red Baron and Daitetsujin 17?

    • Godzilla
    • Rodan
    • King Caesar
    • Jet Jaguar
    • King Ghidorah
    • MechaGodzilla
    • Titanosaurus
    • Gigan

    • Gamera
    • Legion

    • Kamen Rider 1(From Ultraman vs Kamen Rider and Super Tokusatsu Taisen)
    • Kamen Rider 2
    • Kamen Rider 3
    • Riderman
    • Kamen Rider Black
    • Kamen Rider Black RX
    • Kamen Rider Stronger
    • Kikaider
    • Kikaider 01
    • Gavan
    • Shariran
    • Shider
    • The Go-Rangers
    • Sho…

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