No, not related to the monster graveyard.

I found this.

"The Japanese take their kaiju very seriously. The artisans literally pour their heart and soul into their creations; just as the actors performing inside of them form a bond with the latex "skin" they wear. So when it comes time to bid farewell, it's a melancholic occasion akin to burying your loved ones. On April 22nd, 1973, a "Monster Memorial" of sorts was held at Futakotamagawa Gardens in Tokyo. A number of apparently well-worn monster suits were laid to rest by cremation, and buried in front of a crowd of spectators. In attendance were Shin Kishida and Mutsumi Gori (both men are visible in bottom right photo). Shinoda Saburo of ULTRAMAN TARO was also among the mourners."
Kaiju Graveyard

The Kaiju Graveyard

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