There comes a time in everyone's life. If it hasn't already happened, it will soon. 

Samba, a name that means all black baby in Spanish, was found with his sister and brothers, in an old run down house. His mother was hit by a car. Samba and his litter mates were sent to an animal shelter. His siblings were adopted, and Samba came into contact with my mother around the age of two months. My mother bottle fed him and played with him every day after work. When we moved into an appartment complex, I met him.

This little cat one of my best and true friends. He's been with me for almost half of my life. He's predicted when my mother's apendix exploded. He knew when her knees were going to give out. He was the first warning sign of her cancer in her ovaries. He always came into the bathroom with you. His favorite toy was a 1990's KFC promotional bean bag plushie of the Pokemon Seel. 

About a month ago, Samba lost his eye sight. About three weeks ago, he lost his front canine tooth on the left side. About a week ago, he stopped eating and deficating. He is now meowing to be let outside. He has also lost the control of his hind legs, and you can actually smell the cancer eminating off of him. This is a smell I remember fondly, as it was the same smell my dog, Cringer, gave off before he had to be put down.

Samba had a long and happy life, and will be forever in my heart and memories. I will miss him, and yes, I will cry like a baby. I just hope he leaves this world feeling loved, because he most certainly was. I will be with him as the doctors inject him with the sleeping potion. And I will be the last thing he sees. 

Samba in his prime.

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