I really in the mood to talk about the defense team right now, in my (i think is really stupid) opinion, the defense team are the second star of the show, since they're appear the most.  Like i mentioned in Solzen blog, the old defense team are really ineffective and it's almost like they only there to wasted tax payer money. I'ts also a bit logical for them to disband every single freaking years. Since they can't do **** ****, the goverment know that so they decide to make a better team. And oh boy, is that effective .... not by the least. 

After getting interest in the defend team, and decide to reasearch on ja-wiki to see a pattern. And i come the following conclusion (Call me out if i'm wrong,). They're expect the Ultra to help them every single time they screw up. They did not tries to better their weapon. Now, i will analyzed every single defend team appear in Ultraman, about everything, including member, and weapon system. 

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