I Just watch Ultraman Victory a week earlier and found that the Gimmick is really stupid and unesscecery

I mean Really turn your arm into a monster arm why he can't he just turn into a monster via ultra live i't make him look like a "Cut Up" version of ginga who can only turn his right arm into monster

They made i't just too sell toy (transformer and super sentai "Love to sell toy" too but at least their toy having decent "Transformation","Combination","Articulation" ( Articulation is not mean for sentai ) ) but Ultraman pros is not Toy since most of their toy is sofubi, their pros is "The SHOW IT'SETF ) but  i can understand them since they're need budget ( ONORE CHAIYO )

And he they don't need to add him to the show anyway since the show name is "GINGA S" not "VICTORY"

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