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  • Luneth22

    Dyna needs his own movie.

    January 4, 2014 by Luneth22

    Not since 1998's Warriors of the Star of Light have we gotten a film that involves only participants in his own universe. Granted, he made a cameo in Battle in Hyperspace, and was a combatant in 2008's Superior 8 Ultra Brothers and a protagonist in 2012's Ultraman Saga, but I feel Dyna should get some more exposure. That possibility though is minute, since Ultraman Ginga and the Ultra Hero 500/ Monster 500 franchise is currently what's on the market.

    But if Tiga can get The Final Odyssey and Revival of The Ancient Giant (both of which involve himself only), why not Dyna? And no, Hanejiro returns does not count, it is a special.

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  • Luneth22

    Overall, I'd give it a 7/10.

    + Finishes the series nicely.

    + Final battles were solid...

    - But felt rushed. The final villain seemed to go down way too easily.

    - Several issues remain unresolved.

    If they decide to make Ginga into a full series, I hope they can address its shortcomings. I'd give the series a B-.

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