Go! Orange Fighter Opens the Mind's Eye--Mirror Kaijin Mirage Appears

20th Ep TF

Episode 20 of Triple Fighter (series)... Mushroon headed Mirage somehow causes a truck driver carrying some junk and toys to crash with his reflection powers. Lily went to help get the truck back up and helped tow the truck until she almost crashed into "herself". So they simply filmed someone in the helmet in front and the SAT Buggy driving forward



Later, the kaijin fought with Yuji amd Tetsuo for a while and then disappeared. Later, when Mirage appeared to attack Lily, the truck guy disappeared, causing her to later think that he might be the kaijin(That's what I think happened). Lily sort of refused to tow the truck guy anymore...but then they run into more Devila (Why not). They were trapped in a cave when trying to dodge falling rocks thrown by Devila.


Red and Green Fighter battled Mirage but wow they seemed to be defeated reeaaallly easily...Mirage just created...uhm...mirages, and the fighters attack nothingness until they were weak. Lily and the truck man talk a little until Yuji and Tetsuo blow up the cave with a bomb. "Bomb 1", creative name for a bomb. Does that mean it's the first bomb SAT had ever used??


Nice Explosion

Soon, Mirage reflected light rays and the truck man took the impact. An angered Lily transformed into Orange Fighter and tried to kick the kaijin but she kicked his mirage(ahem...) and crashed down the cliff. Tetsuo threw random a gas bomb(looks like a yellow plastic ball) after finding out that Mirage loses his abilities without the sun's light to reflect. In the end, after some Devila-butt-kicking, Mirage came to attack them with his mirror light reflection again, but the light was relected back to his face by some kind of glass pendant on a creepy doll Wow... In the end the fighters merged and he was Triple-Kicked and exploded...

Mirage's reflection trickery effects are quite weird because of budget. When the illusion disappears, a line can be seen...Like a sheet of something being pulled up. This Kaijin and his powers are actually pretty awesome. Good that they kinda respect the female fighter in this episode unlike some where Lily cries/faints repeatedly out of fear (*~*).

  • So I guess this episode: 8/10

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