A random episode review for Triple Fighter! Large Tornado of Revenge! -- Temper-Joe Appears

21st Ep TF

Episode 21 of Triple Fighter is rather unique out of the series. The kaijin, Temper-Joe, apparently was friends with Barbeeboo, and wanted to get revenge of Triple Fighter after he was killed. I used to think this series was just kaijin after kaijin each week with no connection to each other...but nah...


Bashing the wall


Temper seems to be crying out "My friend Barbeeboo!" from what I understand of the Japanese. He's really frustrated and sad about his friend's death that he's bashing Demon's sacred rock walls...The flashback scene of BBB's death seems re-filmed. I don't think the scene was like that in Japanese Archepelago episode. The explosion was very far from where BBB actually fell in that ep. This explosion is much nicer...(Why am I talking about this?)



Anyway, Temper's plan is to create a huge tornado with his Tempest Stick.2 part-episodes later, he's still spinning his stick with Demon Cars driving around him. Finally in part 3, the winds get strong enough to blow away the Devila(Obviously empty suits, which make the scene somewhat surreal). Also, there's a scene in pt. 3 where Barbeeboo crosses arms with Temper-Joe, that looks kinda cool. Of course, the Hayases find out about the plan and we can imagine what'll happen in part 4 and 5. Still, its quite interesting to actually see a kaijin feeling emotional...the last time that happed was "The Eye of Horror's Wink of Death" where Horror Eye cried when Deon threatened to re-imprison him if he failed the mission.