Some thoughts/interesting stuff about Demon's kaijin in Triple Fighter

  • Darkman: Sent specifically to track down the 3 Planet M aliens who escaped, for some reason Demon needed to hunt them down.
  • Geran: Another attempt to kill them, he sprayed gas from his hands that somehow trapped the fighters in another dimension... He was the only kaijin to make Triple Fighter's Timer blink. The blinking was weird as they switched the colour of the timer on his chest and cut the film to make it seem like it was flashing.
  • Doctor Apache: Sent to use the "Killing Machine No. X14" It was revealed to be a bomb that could destroy Earth. So did Demon want to invade or destroy Earth??
  • Bararan: Sent to kidnap a professor Yamamura and to steal his secret of "Positron Rays" whatever that was. Emits flashes from his tentacles. An example of powerful kaijin who isn't powerful enough to conquer the Earth and has to capture a human to create something for him that is powerful enough to do so.
  • Braker: A kaijin with seemingly magical abilities, with strange powers like turning himself into a rock.

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