Tsuburaya has broadcast all episodes of Triple Fighter series on youtube, an now that I've watched the whole series, here are some thoughts.

This series revolves around 3 Aliens fron Planet M(the three Fighters) fighting against Demon and his kaijin, who had previously destroyed their planet and seek to conquer Earth. The fighters have the ability to merge into Triple Fighter (character). Well, i've always liked obscure tokusatsu, and Triple Fighter is one of them. It's not an extremely low budget series like Redman or Ultra Fight, but it sure is low quality enough to make it awkward. The special effects are weird at times, for example, when revived Black Killer, Black Thunder, and Kumoderan merged, there was a huge smuge and then Blooder appeared. It seems the producers poured water over the screen for that... Beam effects were employed, but rarely, eg. Crash's laser gun, Kelly Iwasaki's weapon. The beams were just white in colour.

No miniature sets were made for this series, and all scenes of mass destruvtion are reused footage.

The kaijin in the series have the same body designs, except Blood Power. They seem to be passive, as seen when SAT (Space Attack Team) is always the one tracking the Demon Cars down. They also sometimes come unprepared. When they do attack, they mostly just target SAT itself, since they are the Fighters in disguise. Oh wait, an entire attack team made up of seijin in disguise? Yep. They have a robot too(Bullcon), and a child that is allowed in their base for no reason whatsoever.

The episodes have a plot, but is mostly made up of action scenes. Some, like The Lonely Kelly are more emotional and the kaijin was killed in just a second without a fight.

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