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    RE: Ultra Series: Superhero Action (or, Why We Haven't Got Another Mebius)


    This is just from my own understanding and may not be true, but isn't Tsuburaya still having financial problems due to loss of the lawsuit with Chaiyo? I think this may be the case, with the franchise becoming more and more focused on selling toys to children nowadays. Kinda like how after Kamen Rider Decade we have been seeing Kamen Riders with the so-called "collectable artifacts" trope in the form of Gaia Memories, Kamen Ride Cards and OOO Medals, Tsuburaya seem to have become more toy-ish in nature. This can be seen in the form of the Spark Dolls. By showing kids Lugiel's room of Spark Dolls, they were marketing the toys to children, because honestly how…

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