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    The header ain't explain everything, so read the rest.

    • Credit to...

    Thanks to the blogger who buys the Ultraman Orb Super Complete Works Magazine, now we have a closer look to Kiyotaka Taguchi and Takao Nakano's .

    The contents are...

    1. Features the story of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.
      In this story, Gai ventures across the space to collect all four elements (fire, water, air and earth) for the Orbcalibur. It also features him meeting Mulnau and Alien Gapiya Sadeath for the first time.
      In this story, Juggler met the . This serves as Gai and Juggler's breaking point and each grabs the Orb Ring and the Dark Ring respectively.
      Gai and Juggler first arrived on the Earth that the TV series takes place. appears!
      Gai meets Natasha Romanová in Rusalka and…

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  • Muhammad Amir

    Its director James Gunn and...

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  • Muhammad Amir

    First February Poll

    January 31, 2017 by Muhammad Amir

    Final question: No poll needed

    • For Ultraman and Ultraseven, what parody suits them from Ultra Series/Cultural References to be placed on their articles to promote the "Cultural Reference" pages?
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    January 30, 2017 by Muhammad Amir

    New year, new resolutions and new housekeeping. This year, the wiki needs to be revamped for the reader's own comfort and

    The Japanese Wikipedia has finally upgraded to install official romanizations for each monsters.

    Right now, we're going to use these romanizations on each pages. But if said page had a proof of their romanization, then they can keep it.

    No shouting intended below...



    Also, when it comes to romanization, a poll is legitimate when the discussed matter has both reliable sources (eg. Alien Raybeak has imode and magazine and Alien Raybeek is from screenshot).


    Ultraman Xs main protagonist is Daichi Ozora.

    It does not conflict with …

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  • Muhammad Amir

    I notice that some of you have the tendency of favouring an Ultra Series character or actors/actresses. That’s not quite wrong actually but please remember that this is a wiki for information, not a forum for fanbase. I’ve seen a lot of fan-favourite articles being posted with excessive photos that are mostly unrelated. Eg. Sayuri Tachibana, Mizuki Koishikawa.

    You may call me a jerk if you like, but please try to consider your actions as well. If this continues, then I believe that it’s time to abolish the Ultraman Wiki and create a prep school for stalkers.

    PS: The photo is a screenshot of Toshiro Hijikata from episode 268 of Gintama.

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