Alien Babarue Tyrant Armor

Tyrant Armor vs Ultraman and Cosmos

In one of the stageshows of Ultraman Festival 2015, there are several unexpected characters that appear. Among them are:

  • Jirass: Yes, Ultraman battled him again and like the original, he rips off Jirass' frill, making him look like Godzilla.
  • Gridman: He helps Ultraman X
  • Andro Melos: He helps Ultraman X
  • Blitz Blots: vs Zoffy

and most of all.........


Ultraman X Cyber Tyrant Special Card

Cyber Tyrant Card

"Cyber Tyrant, Load-shimasu! Cyber Tyrant Armor, Active!"

―Activation voice

Yup it is, it seems that Alien Babarue had steal the Cyber Tyrant Card from Xio and use the MonsArmor to gather the negative energies and empowering the real Tyrant.

In the related news...

Kyrieloid & Knight Timbre

Kanadero! Yami no Merodi!

Victory battles EX Zetton. As he emerge Victorious, Kyrieloid, the true master of EX Zetton appears and robs the Knight Timbre. He plays the dark melody with it weakening everyone until the children/viewers throws out newspapers at Kyrieloid. Defeated and had the Knight Tibre stolen back, Victory becomes Victory Knight and destroys Kyrieloid once and for all.