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Sizzling news! Actors Takeshi Yoshioka (Gamu Takayama) and Misato Hirata (Konomi Amagai) had been confirmed married. It is a surprising news since both are the same age and acted in the Ultra Series even though both of their characters never ended up meeting each other. Anyway, for Takeshi Yoshioka, he was originally married to AKIO of the FLIP FLAP twin back in October 10, 2009 and had a son sometime in 2012 but divorced in October 10, 2014, right in the fifth year anniversary of their marriage. For Misato, she was a close friend of Yoshioka since the early years in their acting careers. Their marriage was held in a month ago and announced in July 4, 2015 (which is the day this blog post was written).


While I did gave a commendation on their marriage, I did felt disappoint whenever I heard somebody else divorced. My only advise is that you have to choose your love wisely.


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