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Japan Animator Expo project announced the ninth anime short of the project. This short will feature the star of the 1993 Tsuburaya Productions tokusatsu series, Denkou Choujin Gridman!

The anime short entitled "Denkou Choujin Gridman: boys invent great hero" is about Takeshi Todo, who attempted to take over the world with the devil of the computer world together 22 years ago. Now reformed after the battle and now needs the power of the hyper agent as evil is going to appear again in the real world.

The short will be animated by studio Trigger (Kill la Kill, Inferno Cop) and is directed by Akira Amemiya (Inferno Cop) with Yusuke Yoshigaki (Black Rock Shooter) doing the character designs. The short streamed on the project's official website on Friday, January 16th.

Here's the link:

P.S. Takeshi Tano is voiced by Kōichi Yamadera aka. Ninja Scroll (as Jūbei Kibagami), Cowboy Bebop (as Spike Spiegel), Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods (as Beerus: The God of Destruction), Ghost in the Shell (as Togusa), Neon Genesis Evangelion (as Ryoji Kaji), Anpanman (as Cheese), Ranma ½ (as Ryōga Hibiki/P-chan and the Jusenkyō Guide), Sword Art Online (as Kanyaba Akihiko/Heathcliff) and the current voice of Koichi Zenigata (Lupin III).

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