After watching Ultraman Ginga Episode 10 TV Nihon Subs, here's the information on the relations between the Dark Dummy Spark victims to the series. It's hard to told you guys on how's actually it's going, so I would have to sent it with a dialog conversation between Principal Kyoko Shirai and Priest/Hikaru's grandfather, Hotsuma Raido.

At Principal Kyoko's office:

  • Hotsuma: The dark ruler's aim is to revive himself. To do that, he needed to collect the malice of humans.
  • Kyoko: Because if that, those poor people were incorporated into kaiju?
  • Hotsuma: That's right. But! The victims all have one strange similarity. They're all graduates of this school. Additionally, they all walked the wrong path!

Principal Kyoko gazed on her photobook. Inside articles of the DarkLive victims were shown: Thunder Darambia's hosts caught on illegal dumpings, Kemur Man's host caught on bullying female citizens, King Pandon's host had caught burning properties and lastly, Dark Galberos' host caught in a gambling scandal.

  • Kyoko: What's going on!?
  • Hotsuma: The dark ruler lurks in the heart of the one who known all these matters! And this is done without the knowledge of the victim! Don't you think so, Principal Shirai!?
  • Kyoko: Are you saying... ...I'm... ...the dark ruler!? It can't be! I'm not the dark ruler!
  • Hotsuma: If the dark ruler is revived, this world would become one of death! You, me and all that you love they will all turned into these!

Hotsuma pulled a curtain at her office, revealing shelves of Spark Dolls stacked up

  • Kyoko: I had no idea! I.. had no idea...
  • Hotsuma: I have to expel him! I have to do it while you're still yourself, before he takes over your entire body!

Kyoko remembered what happened: while she was at the Ginga Shrine's ruins, she picked the Dark Spark and the evil inside it took over her body.

  • Kyoko: I had no idea!
  • Hotsuma: The one who destroyed that school song's panel earlier was you!
  • Kyoko: What are you saying?
  • Hotsuma: I was there. I saw it.

Kyoko remembered of herself having partially taken over by Lugiel and proceed to destroy the school song's panel with a crowbar.

  • Hotsuma: Let us expel him together, now!

Muhammad Amir (talk) 13:29, September 17, 2014 (UTC)

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