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Ultraman Orb 10 Episode PlanEdit


Thanks to the blogger who buys the Ultraman Orb Super Complete Works Magazine, now we have a closer look to Kiyotaka Taguchi and Takao Nakano's Ultraman Orb 10 Episode Plan (ウルトラマンオーブ エピソード10構想 Urutoraman Ōbu Episōdo Jū Kōsō).

The contents are...

  1. Epsiode 1: Chapter 1 "Tree of Life" arc (エピソード1:第1章「命の木」編 Episōdo Wan: Dai ichi-shō 'inochi no ki'-hen): Features the story of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.
  2. Episode 2: Chapter 2 "I am the migrating bird of Galaxy" arc (俺は銀河の渡り鳥 Episōdo Tsū: Dai ni-shō 'Ore wa ginga no wataridori'-hen): In this story, Gai ventures across the space to collect all four elements (fire, water, air and earth) for the Orbcalibur. It also features him meeting Mulnau and Alien Gapiya Sadeath for the first time.
  3. Episode 3: Chapter 3 "The man who steals the black hole" arc (エピソード3:第3章「ブラックホールを盗んだ男」編 Episōdo Surī: Dai san-shō `Burakkuhōru o Nusunda Otoko'-hen): In this story, Juggler met the Space Girl Bilanque (宇宙少女ビランキ Uchū Shōjo Biranki). This serves as Gai and Juggler's breaking point and each grabs the Orb Ring and the Dark Ring respectively.
  4. Episode 4: Chapter 4 "Fight! Ishtal Civilization" arc (エピソード4:第4章「激闘!イシュタール文明」編 Episōdo Fō: Dai 4-shō 'Gekitō! Ishutāru bunmei'-hen): Gai and Juggler first arrived on the Earth that the TV series takes place. King Demon Beast of Darkness Maga-Tanothor (闇ノ魔王獣 マガタノゾーア Yami no Maō-jū Maga Tanozōa) appears!
  5. Episode 5: Chapter 5 "From Rusalka with Love" arc (エピソード5:第5章「ルサールカより愛をこめて」編 Episōdo Faibu: Dai go-shō 'rusāruka yori ai o komete'-hen): Gai meets Natasha Romanová in Rusalka and receives his trademark leather jacket from Captain Scudder (スカダー大尉 Sukadā taii). King Demon Beast of Light Maga-Zetton (光ノ魔王獣 マガゼットン Hikari no Maō-jū Maga Zetton) appears!
  6. Episode 6: Chapter 6 "The Wandering Sun" arc (エピソード6:第6章「さすらいの太陽」編 Episōdo Shikkusu: Dai roku-shō 'Sasurai no Taiyō"-hen): Where the TV Series takes place. The series also taken bits of Gai's past from past series (such as meeting Natasha on Rusalka, Gai receiving Orbcalibur).
  7. Episode 7: Chapter 7 "Space Witch Mulnau's Counterattack/Return of Sadeath" arc (エピソード7:第7章「宇宙魔女賊ムルナウの逆襲・サデスの帰還」編 Episōdo Sebun: Dai Nana-shō 'Uchū Majo Zoku Murunau no Gyakushū Sadesu no Kikan'-hen): See Ultraman Orb The Movie: Lend Me The Power of Bonds!
  8. Episode 8: Chapter 8 "Super Sky Great Violent-beast Desastro" arc (エピソード8:第8章「超空大凶獣デザストロ」編 Episōdo Eito: Dai Hachi-shō 'chō Sora Daikyō-jū Dezasutoro'-hen): Takes place immidiately after the movie. Features Ultraman Zero and Ultraman X.
  9. Episode 9: Chapter 9 "Messengers of the Netherworld Mage" arc (エピソード9:第9章「冥府魔道の使者」編 Episōdo Nain: Dai Kyū-shō 'Meifu Madō no Shisha'-hen): See Ultra Fight Orb.
  10. Episode 10: Chapter 10 "Migration Birds, go to the sky" arc (エピソード10:第10章「渡り鳥、宇宙そらを行く」編 Episōdo Ten: Dai Jū-shō 'Wataridori, uchū (sora) o iku'-hen): A story that focuses on Gai, Juggler and Bilanque. The story still goes on...

Ultra/Kaiju CapsuleEdit

We all really hyped for the gimmick of Ultra Capsules and Kaiju Capsules, right? For their gallery pages, things needed to be organized so that users can refer to it nicely.

One of my suggestion is for the Ultra/Kaiju Capsules in the gallery to be rendered.

Does anyone agree with it?

The poll was created at 15:50 on June 2, 2017, and so far 26 people voted.

If everyone agrees, I can supply the rendered capsules through my DeviantArt account Zer0stylinx.

Number 2

There are two pictures of an Ultra Capsule (active and inactive). Can we threw out the inactive picture?

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Number 3

Should we divide Ultras and Kaiju through their eras (Showa and Heisei)?

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Number 4: In the Ultra Capsules section...

Should we divide them via capsule color (gold and silver)

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Number 5

Each capsules had their own names (check Geed's website and you can see "Ultraman Capsule", "Belial Capsule"). Should we address them through their names?

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Thank you for taking your time.

Who is he?Edit

Tim Burton and Dada

This guy is Tim Burton. His favorite Ultra Kaiju is Dada and this photo was taken during October 2014.

So who's here is a fan of Tim Burton's movies

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