Tsuburaya finally releases the important detail regarding the Ultraman Orb movie. Sources goes to P-Bandai and News My Navi.

But before we can progress to that part, here's something interesting regarding the Ancient Giants of Light and the Ancient Civilizations.

The history of ancient giants of light

A long time ago, the ancient civilization is a utopia, until the appearance of great darkness terrorize the Earth's safety and peace. Several human beings who refused to surrender to the darkness were bestowed the light and transformed into gigantic beings called "Ultraman" to fight against the darkness and restore peace. However, as more people gets chosen by the light, a power struggle happened and the giants of light divided into two faction. Soon a civil war started between these two factions and several of these giants corrupted after embracing the darkness, therefore destroying the very same civilization they lived on. Soon, the dark giants went on a rampage and several more ancient civilizations destroyed, one after another.

However, one of these dark giants named Tiga regained his senses after falling in love with a human named Yuzare and imprisoned his own comrades in R'lyeh. The fight ended and darkness retreated but many of the ancient civilizations were destroyed and only several giants of light (including Tiga) survived the war. They soon went into hibernation in stone statue, wanting future generations to use their power in hopes that the same tragedy that befall their civilization would never happen again in the future.


A lot of plots went inconsistent but if we summed it up with the series, then it is likely that surviving giants of light from that war continue to protect the ancient civilizations. When Gijera appeared and humanity chose that monstrous plant, the giants were incapable of doing anything and left the Earth, all while leaving behind their stone bodies. With no protector left, it was then where Gatanothor and his armies strike before they went into slumber, further damaging the civilization.

Said info as well revealed that the Ancient Giants of Light basically have the same origin as the Residents of the Land of Light but in addition, their light comes from their own morality. Should their morality corrupted, their powers turned into darkness. This may explain how Evil Tiga's attacks being more of darkness than light.

Ultraman Orb Movie 2017

Before advancing to the movie first, P-Bandai states that the Dark Ring can also initiate Juggler's voice when creating Zeppandon. Aside from that, while little information is gained, the Dark Ring will serve as an important plot in the Ultraman Orb movie with a Bullton Kaiju Card.

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