I'm still tied to my test though but not for long. Just in 11.25.2014, two days after November 23 (my 17th birthday of course), I would be totally freed despite in need to take up driving school. Anyway, here is some new updates I planned over a month that needs approval and we'll launched it on 25.

Cultural References on Ultra Series

As the Ultra Series regains more popularity, they also influenced the cultures in the society. I'm planning to make a page based on it days later.

Character Template Lists

Based on SolZen321's templates on ULTRAMAN Manga characters template, I'm planning to do this on certain series' characters.

Installing Japanese words for names of the Ultras Attacks and vital organs

As the title suggested, we should place in Japanese words on the Ultras' traits and organs like Dyna Tector or Dyna Crystal. Kaiju & Seijin pages are also available if optional.

Appearance on Kaiju & Seijin

The appearance on Kaiju & Seijin should be put on each of their series instead of only putting in the infobox. That way, we could gave the reader the info of their appearances in episodes in other series.

That's all, I'm planning to add others sometime later.

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