Just another thing to ask. As everyone know, Zamsher is Mecha-Zam but the show still has no sign that indicated both are the same person. What I analysed is that...

Signs of Mecha-Zam is Zamsher

  • Both had similar designs (though this can be justified that in early design, Bandai wants the Ghost Reverse (Mecha-Zam) to be based on Zamsher instead of a robotic version of Alien Empera) and speaks in a warrior-like accent.
  • Both seeks to become the greatest warrior in the universe.

Signs of Mecha-Zam is not Zamsher

  • Mebius seems to acknowledge Mecha-Zam as a different person, and Zamsher is likewise sees Mebius for the first time.
  • Zamsher supposedly died in a manner of finally knowing the true meaning of strength and Mecha-Zam tries to find the true meaning of it.
  • Mebius identifies Mecha-Zam as a "robot".
  • Mecha-Zam has no idea of how pain feels like, while Zamsher does.

Another discovery is that there is no such thing as EX-Mecha Zam. Those are not even existed, only fan made name (we've been conned). Also, Mecha Zam's true name is actually, Kagemusha Mecha Ghost Reverse (影武者メカ ゴーストリバース Kagemusha Meka Gōsuto Ribāsu?)

NOTE: Kagemusha is a Japanese terminology for political decoy.


Should Zamsher and Mecha-Zam be considered different people?

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