As some or many of you have figured out, Ultraman Tiga has finally concluded and wrapped up. It was a enjoyable read filled with decent Ultra-lore, great kaiju action, and interesting plot-set ups and story developments. The kind of developments that would make you notice differences from the original show. 

None the less, CKMScans is finished with that series, and in its place, another Ultraman manga settles in its place. A manga that, from the looks of it, isn't widely known or has any record upon this site. This manga follows the "Prince of Monsters", Gomora. And from what I've been reading, it's a pretty awesome looking manga. A harsh adventure rests ahead of Gomora, from intense battles to grand scale kaiju war. And even more so, the prince being hellishly dethrone by a 'King' and crushed out. Hopefully Gomora survives long enough in his own story that it concludes on a good note.


Dethrone of the "Prince of Monsters"

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