In celeberation of ULTRAMAN Volume 4 breaking a million like the previous volumes before it, and with the growing demand of an anime take upon the manga itself. HEROs have decided to release their workings of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 in animated motion comics. In more so, they plan on doing the entirety of Volume 1, so there will be more to enjoy afterwards.

Episode 1 "ULTRAMAN" (Volume 1) motion comics16:32

Episode 1 "ULTRAMAN" (Volume 1) motion comics

They cover the entire chapters are covered and even better, both have complete voice acting (Including Shinjiro and Bemular!)

Episode 2 "ULTRAMAN" (Volume 1) motion comics07:36

Episode 2 "ULTRAMAN" (Volume 1) motion comics

Again they continue to tease their talks of an anime, so far the only real update is that they have selected voice actors, but things are still in talks at the moment. They acknowledge the demand and they do want to deliever, not sure what's still holding back progression, but some fans conclude that it is most likely HEROS not having a suitable animator team on board. It's rather expensive to produce an anime, even more expensive in finding someone willing to do it. But who knows, fans remain optimistic, and with HEROS going this far, that only shows that perhaps an ULTRAMAN anime isn't too far off.

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