I know this is sudden and out of nowhere, Xah, the kind original creator of Ckmscans and the one who helped get the ULTRAMAN MANGA out to you before my take over at Chapter 3, she's leaving Ckmscans and is going to create a new scanlation website with her translating manga solo on her own. Now you may wonder where does Ultraman become involved in this, remember, Ultraman was made know through ckmscans, and it seems extremely dead center that ckmscans will be shut down. Which means a noticeable shut down on ULTRAMAN for a long while. 

She has her reasons, she generally built ckmscans as a scanlation group that she desired to grow and expand enough to feel like an actual group. A group that helped each other, talked amongst each other, and made everything feel unique. And yes, while there is a vocal dedicated community that gets on the chatbox and sometimes on the forums, even I could understand Xah in seeing how lonely the place was and didn't amount to the dream she had for her group. Even more so, when we try to reach out to the scanlating community for recruits, no one would reach back out to us willingly. I honestly had some luck on my side recently in finding a fair translator for ULTRAMAN and GODZILLA. (Will be getting back to Godzilla vs. SpaceGodzilla real soon!)

And with so much going on with her life, perhaps she feels going solo is better than to reach out and form anothr group again. I'm hoping to change her mind, but if she feels that it is time to move on, then I'll support her decision. 

I'm not sure if she'll leave ckmscans to me and my little group, I would find it rather ideal to keep things going. But if not, then I'll try finding myself another scanlation group that will help carry the Ultraman Manga and Godzilla Manga.

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