I know I was aiming for a Friday released, but several details unfortunately sidetracked the date a bit. But-

ULTRAMAN CHAPTER 20 is finally released! We're now entering Volume 4! It's a big whooping chapter, just about 40 pages, so it's a fairly long read. None the less, it is a huge setup for something big in turns of story development and character development. Don't want to give too much away, but it is going to be worth the wait. So enjoy the return of ULTRAMAN! The chapter has just been recently released, so expect to see it up online sometime this morning.

Important side note, and Due Credit to xah

It's been over 3 months since the last chapter release of ULTRAMAN, to all readers of the manga I do apologize for the extremely long overdue release. Long story short, besides second semester of college not pulling any punches, Ultraman has been lacking a translator for it. This has to some degree, cornered us into a temporary hiatus. Although by the kindness of xah, for this release only, she had graciously helped out in translating Chapter 20. So this release wouldn't have come full circle without her help! And I will cherish her kindness and be grateful for her assistance in getting ULTRAMAN off the ground. And I would apperciate it if everyone else who reads the manga to give Xah her props as well :D

Beyond that, I've been searching for a translator who would be willing to do Ultraman, no such luck as of it, although there are several people who have caught my eye. Still, I'll be putting out recruitment shoutouts for the manga. I'll try my best in getting Ultraman put out a lot faster. The team is 6 chapters behind, so we've got some ground to cover. Wish us luck, and thanks again xah!

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