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  • PhazonAdictKraid

    Greetings Earthians, I have been absent since September 13.  Well, University just started, college is tough, homework after homework and this and that so much stuff my head hurts and makes me dizzy.  Fortunately, I got accostumed to the system, I have organized myself better, and I am gonna start in the next days my own Ultraman Project.  I got for only ten dollars a copy of the entire Ultraman series from 1966 on spec's, a very good shop, they sell series and music that are rare on my country (they also sell Ultraseven and Ultra Q, but were sold out). I will start writing articles of each of the 39 episodes. I will use the following format per episode (separate articles for each episode).

    First, on the introduction, I will post a brief summary…

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  • PhazonAdictKraid

    via M78 News

    Greetings Earth Seijin, during my travels it seems the legendary Ultraman series have won a World Guinness Record for Most Spin-Offs in a series on September 12, 2013! That's something fantastic!

    It's interesting to note that every series after the original Ultraman (1966) is considered a spin-off officialy. Here's the list from Tsuburaya's News Page:

    1. (Start broadcasting in 1967, the same below) 1. Ultra Seven 
    2. 2. Ultra Fight (1970) 
    3. Return of Ultraman 3. (1971) 
    4. (1972) 4. Ultraman A 
    5. 5. Redman (1972) 
    6. 6. Ultraman Taro (1973) 
    7. 7. Ultraman Leo (1974) 
    8. 8. ★ The Ultraman (1979) 
    9. 9. Ultraman 80 (1980) 
    10. 10. Andro Melos (1983) 
    11. proverb story of 11. Ultraman Kids (1986) 
    12. 12. 30 million light-years (1991) to ask the Ultraman Kids mother 
    13. 13. Ultrama…

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  • PhazonAdictKraid

    Via JEFusion which sourced Anime News Network

    The theme park dedicated to all fans of the Beings of Light, the Ultraman Land, closes and ends its 17 years of operation last Sunday. Located in Arao City in Kumamoto Prefecture, and the park started its operations last March of 1996.

    Due to decreased number of park goers, Tsuburaya announced last February that the amusement park will shut down its operations permanently this September. On its last two days, the park opened two hours early, from 8:00 AM until 6:30 PM The park held a grand closing ceremony for the fans on its final day, at 7:45 PM.

    This is truly a sad event, is the Ultraman franchise really going so down in Japan? That can't be, Ultraman is like Japan's Superman, maybe with the re…

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  • PhazonAdictKraid

    On my previous blog I announced some pages that need to be created. I was thinking and I wrote a draft of what could go on the first to be created page: About This Wiki. Now, without further ado, here is the draft:

    "This Wikia's goal is to create the ultimate Ultraman archives on the Internet. It contains hundreds of pages on various Ultraman data, such as biography of the Ultramen and Humans, Information on the Monster Teams, Detailed Data of the Kaiju and Aliens (AKA Seijins), important events throughout the Ultra series (Dark Spark War, Belial's War on Nebula M78, Alien Emperor's Invasion of the Land of Light), and various other data. This goal is almost reached, but there are stilll dozens of stubs, incomplete, and needed information that…

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  • PhazonAdictKraid

    Greeting my dear Earthians, as you may have seen lately, various Wikias have been supporting Facebook and Twitter Official Pages. This Wikia so far, doesn't have one. The pages are created for:

    • Discuss things with the Community
    • A good place to post future plans for the Wikia
    • A place where news related to Ultraman can be posted for the Community to discuss
    • A good place for announcements, whether they are important or not.

    If, there is interest in making the pages, please let me know below.

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