As an administrator I feel guilty and irresponsible for my lack of presence and substance on the Wikia. I feel I haven't done much and I apologize for it. I would like to share why I have been abscent in the last few weeks. In the last weeks I moved to a new house, where I don't have Internet connection because it hasn't been installed in the house yet. It will be installed in a few weeks, I hope next one. Also, I can only come to this site whenever I go to my old house, which is aproximately 3-4 times monthly, and for only 5 hours, and sometimes not even one. As a matter of fact in "MobileWikia" you cannot edit articles unless you go to Desktop mode which takes around 10 minutes to load a single page, I can edit, I tried it once, but it was too slow and editing articles on a mobile phone on desktop form is almost impossible with my poor signal sometimes. I understand some some may think that I haven't done much as an administrator, very few things, I apologize, and when I get my Internet back at the new house, I will do my best for this site.

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