On my previous blog I announced some pages that need to be created. I was thinking and I wrote a draft of what could go on the first to be created page: About This Wiki. Now, without further ado, here is the draft:

"This Wikia's goal is to create the ultimate Ultraman archives on the Internet. It contains hundreds of pages on various Ultraman data, such as biography of the Ultramen and Humans, Information on the Monster Teams, Detailed Data of the Kaiju and Aliens (AKA Seijins), important events throughout the Ultra series (Dark Spark War, Belial's War on Nebula M78, Alien Emperor's Invasion of the Land of Light), and various other data. This goal is almost reached, but there are stilll dozens of stubs, incomplete, and needed information that are needing a brave hero to fix them. With your help, we should have vast ammounts of information ready. If you want to contribute, just make an account, and support this Wikia, and help it grow to vast stages. Remember: It's not about rivalry or stress, it's about having fun and entertainment."

Remember it's only a draft, not a complete version.

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