Greetings Earthians, I have been absent since September 13.  Well, University just started, college is tough, homework after homework and this and that so much stuff my head hurts and makes me dizzy.  Fortunately, I got accostumed to the system, I have organized myself better, and I am gonna start in the next days my own Ultraman Project.  I got for only ten dollars a copy of the entire Ultraman series from 1966 on spec's, a very good shop, they sell series and music that are rare on my country (they also sell Ultraseven and Ultra Q, but were sold out). I will start writing articles of each of the 39 episodes. I will use the following format per episode (separate articles for each episode).

First, on the introduction, I will post a brief summary of the episode and the cast, and minor important details.  Thinking of adding an infobox with details I will think to add later on.


Here I write the Plot of the story, and perhaps some accompaining images relevant to the information on it's side.


Here goes information like the Cast, Director, Writer, etc. which appears on the Intro of the episode.


Various relevant images about the episode. Not the same images of the Plot section, as there the images will be limited.

Anyways, this is currently my plan, do you like it? Does it need something fixed? Let me know since I will start this weekend!

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