Now guys this is barely related to tokutatsu in general, but after surfing the Internet and reading things about giants on myth and religion, it seems that the Christian Bible itself speak that giants that came from heaven actually existed, they are known as Nephilim. The heights of their offspring vary:

  • The infamous Goliath was 9'7"
  • King Og is basically around 11' tall.
  • Other Giants mentioned were around 8' tall.

Of course those are regular humans (are they?). Perhaps the best definition in detail comes from this site:

"What were the Nephilim? According to Hebraic and other legends (the Book of Enoch and other non-biblical writings), they were a race of giants and super-heroes who did acts of great evil. Their great size and power likely came from the mixture of demonic “DNA” with human genetics. All that the Bible directly says about them is that they were “heroes of old, men of renown” (Genesis 6:4). The Nephilim were not aliens, they were literal, physical beings produced from the union of the sons of God and daughters of men (Genesis 6:1-4).

Read more:"

Another detail I found is that the Nephilim were described to be over 450 feet tall, according to the Book of Enoch:

"...(3) And they became pregnant, and they bare great giants, whose height was three thousand ells: Who consumed (4) all the acquisitions of men. And when men could no longer sustain them, the giants turned against (5) them and devoured mankind. And they began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and (6) fish, and to devour one another's flesh, and drink the blood..."

3,000 ells os aproximately 450 feet tall. Ultraman is 40 meters tall, and 450 feet is 137 meters, so they were pretty big. If this is true or not it is up to you, I found this interesting and thought I would share it here, and it seems they are the opposite of Ultraman lol

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