Hello my dear Earth Seijins! After ravaging and losing connection with y'all for a long time, I have finally returned to this Wikia. Now, after searching the Wiki such as the all-new wonderful Home Page, I noticed there are a few things we should work on. Those pages, need to be build and created:

  • Ultraman Wiki Projects- We need a single page to recopilate all the projects that should be worked on the Wikia.
  • About this Wiki- We need a proper page, although it might not get visited a lot, we must have a page explaining in detail what this Wiki is doing, it's main goal, we have a nice Summary on the Home, but for people (although rare) that want to learn more, it must be created.
  • Wiki Aid- I don't exactly know what it is, must be researched.
  • Admin Noticeboard- We need a place where we, as administrators, keep notices on things on the page. For example, rules, important things to know, etcetera.
  • Ongoing Campaigns- Pretty similar to the Projects page, it's a place where we set various goals, like an adventure or mission we have to fulfill of the Wikia.
  • Noticeboard Talk Page- A good page for people who want to post a critique or voice their opinion on a theme.
  • Various small details on the Home Screen: It looks fantastic, but it lacks various things such as images, it's not a good representation to see our face full of red links and things like File:Header-Featured.jpg.
Ultramen Celebration


And yes, I took various of those details glimsping the Home Page, it is the face of the book, the cover of our Wiki, it is still in an incomplete state, and I would like for us all to finish it. I would like to hear your suggestions below, what to fix and whatnot, and what content to add in the above mentioned pages. It's nice to see you all once again!!!

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