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    In this blog post im going to tell you how to unlock every unlockables In Ultraman FE3 (Updated)

    • Zoffy: complete battle mode with Ultraman, Seven, Jack, Ace and Taro in order
    • Ace Robot: defeat Ace Killer with Ace Robot in his scenario
    • Astra: Pick Leo in 10 Cities Invasion scenario in order to unlock the "Ultra Double Flasher" finisher, then complete Battle Mode as Leo and use the "Ultra Double Flasher" to kill every enemies in Battle Mode
    • Evil Tiga: Complete Evil Tiga's scenario. Then complete Battle Mode using Tiga twice
    • Fake Dyna: Complete Fake Dyna's scenario. then complete Battle Mode using Dyna twice
    • Gaia V2: complete Gaia VS Agul scenario
    • Agul: complete Battle Mode as Gaia V2
    • Agul V2: pick agul in 10 Cities Invasion scenario or complete Battl…

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  • Qalbinsalim25

    Hey guys it's me again and this is my second blog post.

    This time i'm gonna tell you about the tips how to defeat ace killer as ace robot in FE3.

    Here they are

    1. Grab Ace Killer with X and press Triangle. When ace killer's damage gauge is enough to use the metalium beam, grab ace killer with X again and press O. Do it repeatedly. Believe me it wont take a long time.
    2. Come closer to ace killer and press Up+O. Do it repeatedly. You still can defeat him but it takes a long time.

    So which one you prefer? I recommend you use the first step. Because you know, it's more easier than the second one. But it's up to you.

    I hope it helps and thank you for your attention.

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  • Qalbinsalim25

    Ultraman FE3 cheats

    December 19, 2013 by Qalbinsalim25

    Hey guys. I'm a new user. And this is my first blog post

    In this blog, I will share how to get everything in Ultraman FE3 including S Ranks, Stages,and Characters.

    1. Zetton Scenario: Use all 3 special moves (Use the specium ray last). When you attacks Zetton with Specium ray, He will absorb it and shoot it back at ultraman. Then ultraman will fall and dead. After that, zoffy comes to save Ultraman. Defeat Zetton with zoffy without destroying the building.
    2. Gomora Scenario: Let Gomora go near to the castle, then someone will shot him in the chest and his damage gauge will increase. Use Ultraman's 2nd finisher (Yatuzaki/Ultra Slash) to cut off Gomora's tail. Then grab gomora with X button (X button only! Do not press anything else besides X button…

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