• SolZen321

    So, just yesterday at the time of this posting, I was told that Ultra Galaxy takes place 500,000 years after the end of Mebius...instead of the 500 I previously thought.

    I have troubling trusting this, although I trust the sources, and Amir, for such things, for the simple reason that it screws up...everything...and I do mean 'everything'... Here's why this irks me, and why my head canon will continue to be 500 years.

    500,000 years...royally screws the timeline of things, and by royally I mean freaky nasty stuff, parents don't want their kids to see, and leaves little ones and adults alike traumatized (can you tell how annoyed I am by this?). Why...? Because think about it, everything we know about Ultras tells us...Mother and Father of Ultr…

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  • SolZen321

    Tech in the Ultra Series

    September 18, 2017 by SolZen321

    Yes, it's another Blog where I spend my time talking about the lore and possible physics about a franchise that at this point literally only exists to sell toys (damn Chaiyo...), now that we've established that...let's talk about something about this world....SCIENCE!!!

    So has anyone noticed the change in how science is handled in the Ultra Series? Before it was just...'alien tech' and 'aliens = super powers' and such, but now much of the technology demonstrated is more...concise and operating under context we can understand.

    ........................................................... HAHAHA

    But all jokes aside 'science' was not really a priority of the Showa era. There is an old adage that "Any suffieciently advance science is indistinguisha…

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  • SolZen321

    Why Nexus was so Good

    September 9, 2017 by SolZen321

    Now Nexus, that's an interesting show. I was asked to write this blog for a friend, who wants to explain to his friend why they should watch this show. So I'm going to try to be as detailed but as concised as possible, if that is even possible. However, there is one thing I say upfront, Nexus is not good because its 'Dark and Gritty', far from it, it's 'dark and gritty' nature is a side effect, not a goal.

    To get to the root of Nexus lets look at what makes an 'Ultra Series'. Now some shows do deviate from this, ironically enough, even the first show to bear the title of 'UItra', Ultra Q. In there, there is no Ultraman, no formal defense organization, or 'Attack/Defense Team' as it is more commonly known by fans, and the monsters of the wee…

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  • SolZen321

    So I have been enjoying Geed, however as I think back to Orb I find that I'm enjoying that series more. Thinking about it and deciding to type out a blog about it, I've decided to try and explain it to myself, and in the process you guys. In short, this is what Geed could learn from Orb.

    Also Spoiler warning for Geed. (Duh...)

    Within the first arc of Orb and X, and Ginga (hey say what you will about that story it still had something going on) in fact, all of the Heisei shows, starting from as early as Tiga, and even Ultraseven Evolution, had a mystery as part of their over all plot. Practically all of them, if not most of them, had a mystery driving the plot. With Tiga, it was what destroyed the Ancient Civilization and forced the Ultras to …

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  • SolZen321

    What is an Ultra Beam?

    August 12, 2017 by SolZen321

    So this seems like an open and closed question. What is an Ultra Beam? Many of you no doubt want to answer "A Beam an Ultra shoots". Congrats, you've just won the idiot award, expect you award in the mail, never. Passive-aggressive (was that even 'passive'?) humor aside, what makes up an Ultra Beam? A 'beam' is not always as simple as a laser, you have plasma beams, particles beams, and with the latter, you have so many more beams falling under that definition. What is an Ultra Beam, can we figure it out...well I wrote this blog, so I may as well get on with the theory...

    So it's time for Sol to once again make up some quasi-scientific idea and make it sound sensible (it's a theory based on a franchise that's best describe as Science 'Fanta…

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