Don't, that's all I have to say, Templates are not single pages, changing one affects numerous other pages across the Wiki. The only ones who can just change a template are the Administrators and we know well enough not to just do that.

If you want to change a template then you make a blog post asking the Wiki Community's opinion because while we are not a democracy we prefer to act like one.

There are only a few Templates that can be changed without opinion, the Template showcasing all the Ultras and Tsburya Heroes, the Templates showcasing Ultra Kaiju/Seijin for a series, Attack Teams etc, that's because these Templates, those situations get updates very often as opposed to any other subject. That said, only the new information/pages should be put on there and only appropriate links. We the Admin expect the users to show common sense and proper behavior but for those that don't, well we can ban you...forever. No literally we can ban a user account and the computer's IP address, meaning no account from that computer could ever be used again to log on to Ultraman Wiki, think about that, ye trolls and vandals of the internet.

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