Several times I have seen cross over formation in Ultra pages, put on as an additional form. Honestly, I disagree with this.

Cross Over Formation, by its name is not a form, formation, does not imply a form, but a team effort in some manuever. I've looked at the Japanese Wiki, nothing about Cross-Over Formation, not as a form. There is also the fact that some of the Ultras were in an alternate form, like Nexus in Junis mode, which further implies that this is not a form change.

This cross over formation, is sounding, more and more like a technique and less like a form onto its own. My best assumption is that it is simply some manner of power-up. It involves the Ultras working together, unleashing their full power for one attack, which is why it looks similar to glitter mode, in fact I would less annoyed to see that.

Glitter mode, seems to be an Ultras full potential unleashed, without actually changing into an alternate form. Granted we still treat it as its own form, but a technique that allows momentary use of it, is not a new form.

Until evidence appears to the contrary, I ask that users refraim from putting on unneeded form tabs, and simply put it as a technique

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