I have notices that several pages have categories such as Alien, Aliens and Seijin, is there a reason for so many categories that synonyms of each other, such as 'Monster' and Kaiju. I can understand subcategories such as Ultraman Tiga Kaiju and Kaiju but why do we need to do something about those redundant categories. Also, why are some of the aliens 'Monsters' all of a sudden, 'Monsters' are category for creature of lower intelligence, like animals, I can understand Alien Regulan being in the Ultraman Tiga Kaiju category but that's only because the category is shortened, it really refers to any none human or Ultra beings in the series, villains are also included in this category. I really think we should do something about this. 

List of Redundant Categories to look out for

  • Aliens, Seijin when we have Alien: not all aliens have Seijin in their name, some are alien races, others are monsters and a few are individuals like Glozam.
  • Monsters when there's Kaiju: Kaiju is a staple term for most circles of Tokusatsu fans, especially Godzilla and Ultraman fans. Also there's the problem of some folks placing Kaiju on Alien pages. Granted their are categories like Ultraman Tiga Kaiju but those are broad terms, special cases. Kaiju means, Kai- Mysterious while is Ju-Beast/animal, Basically Mysterious Animal. Kaiju are suppose to be animals not sentient beings and shouldn't be on any Alien page. However, many monsters come from Space and I suspect there is a seperate category for them that can be a sub category for Alien
  • Earth Protection Organizations when we have Earth Defense Organizations: I'm rather sure EDO came first and it sounds more professional somehow. There's also the topic of the category Teams but all the Attack Teams and many teams in the Heisei series are actually just parts of a larger organization. GUTS is a part of the TDF, the Night Raiders work for TLT, DASH is a subsidiary of the UDF etc.
  • Good Ultra Hosts: I can understand Evil Ultra Hosts, but the same reasons that Evil Ultra Hosts is a category are the same reasons that Good Ultra Hosts is a completely pointless. By default all Ultras are good or anti-heroes, and most evil Ultras are imitations, making true evil ultras somewhat unique. Calling Ultra Hosts for non-evil Ultras (Which most Ultras are) is like calling water wet.

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